Best Kerosene Heater For Indoor Use In-Depth Review

Updated on November 24, 2020 by Christopher J. Crown

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Kerosene heaters are portable, energy-efficient, and very easy to use. They can be taken to any place to use indoor and outdoor because they usually require no electricity.  Kerosene heaters are widely used in the areas where electrical heaters cannot be used due to an outage or any other reason. The modern safety features of kerosene heaters enable it to use at home. Other types of heater are not suitable for outdoor use, but kerosene heater can be used outdoor if particularly designed for it. If you are planning to buy an indoor kerosene heater, then this article will help you to buy the Best indoor Kerosene Heater.

Top 10 Kerosene Heater That Will Perfect For Indoor Use

Dyna Glo kerosene heater​

Dyna Glo kerosene heater
Price$ $ $
Dimension32 x 11.7 x 16.7 inches
Weight26.9 pounds
Heat Output80,000 BTU
Capacity1,900 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Sengoku kerosene heater​

Sengoku KeroHeat 10,000-BTU
Price$ $ $
Dimension20 x 12 x 19 inches
Weight22.6 pounds
Heat Output10,000 BTU
Capacity380 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Sengoku heat mate kerosene heater​

Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU
Price$ $ $
Dimension15.5 x 15 x 22 inches
Weight20.3 pounds
Heat Output10,000 BTU
Capacity380 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Dyna Glo kerosene heater indoor use ​

Dyna Glo kerosene heater indoor use
Price$ $ $
Dimension17.5 x 17.5 x 27 inches
Weight23.1 pounds
Heat Output23,000 BTU
Capacity1,000 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Sengoku kero heat portable radiant kerosene heater​

Sengoku kero heat portable radiant kerosene heater
Price$ $ $
Dimension19 x 18 x 22 inches
Weight15 pounds
Heat Output23,000 BTU
Capacity1,000 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater​

Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater
Price$ $ $
Dimension22.3 x 11.9 x 19.3 inches
Weight20.9 pounds
Heat Output10,000 BTU
Capacity500 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Pro temp kerosene heater​

Pro temp kerosene heater
Price$ $ $
Dimension20.9 x 14.6 x 21.7 inches
Weight33 pounds
Heat Output70,000 BTU
Capacity1,750 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Pro-Temp Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Torpedo Heater​

Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Kerosene.Diesel Forced Air Torpedo Heater
Price$ $ $
Dimension30 x 12 x 15 inches
Weight28 pounds
Heat Output45,000 BTU
Capacity1100 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

Dura heat convection kerosene heater​

Dura heat convection kerosene heater​
Price$ $ $
Dimension17.5 x 17.5 x 26.8 inches
Weight27.6 pounds
Heat Output23,000 BTU
Capacity500 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

kero world kerosene heater ​

kero world kerosene heater
Price$ $ $
Dimension18 x 18 x 22.2 inches
Weight20 pounds
Heat Output23,000 BTU
Capacity500 Sq Ft
Power SourceKerosene 

TOP 10 Best indoor kerosene heater Reviews

We will discuss the top ten products that you can buy online easily. After that, we will guide you about the features that you should see to get the best indoor kerosene heater. We will also put light on the correct operating procedure to avoid any damage to the heater and yourself. The benefits of using the best indoor kerosene heater are also mentioned in his article. Further, you will find some frequently asked questions in the end. So, you are in the right place which will help you to get the desired product. Let’s list down the top 10 products first.

Dyna Glo kerosene heater-Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD​

Dyna Glo kerosene heater

This is a powerful heater that will provide 80,000 BTUs per hour. The fuel tank can carry 5 gallons of kerosene which are enough to heat a 1900 Sq. Feet area for nine hours. It is portable and has a safety handle to carry easily. You can charge your secondary items while the heater is operating form the power cord. There is a run-time fuel gauge to inform you about the fuel present in the tank during operation.

The thermostat control ensures the accurate temperature settings, you can adjust the desired temperature and save the fuel accordingly. It has a sensor to sense the flame out, the sensor shuts off in flame out in abnormal conditions.  Further, it has an overheat protection switch to turn off the heater in case of overheating. The product is safe to use and certified by UL and CSA.


  • Multi-fuel heater
  • 98% fuel-efficient
  • Overheat and flam-out protection
  • Charging Cord
  • Fuel Gauge


  • It requires electricity
  • A little bit noisy

Sengoku kerosene heater, Sengoku KeroHeat 10,000-BTU

Sengoku KeroHeat 10,000-BTU

Sengoku KeroHeat has tip-over protection, which will shut off the heater in case it tilts. Hence, it is safe to use and approved by UL. It can be used for indoor and outdoor heating, so you can carry it during the road trip as well. With the help of flame adjuster, you can adjust the flame. It can provide 10,000 BTUs of energy per hour.

It has a siphon pump to refill the heater quickly, the pump operates on batteries, you just need to insert the pipe in the kerosene bottle. The fuel tank can carry 1.2 gallons only which can provide 12-hours of heating to a 380 sq. Ft area. The fuel gauge indicates the amount of fuel left in the tank. There is a metallic guard in front of the heater to avoid touching the burner.


  • Tip-over protection
  • Siphon pump
  • Flame adjuster
  • Automatic Ignitor
  • Requires no electricity


  • Temperature adjustments can only be made manually.
  • Less fuel capacity (only 1.2 gallons)

Sengoku heat mate kerosene heater, Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU​

Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU

This heater is a portable heater that has a fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons; therefore, you can carry it easily. The burner has a safety guard all around to protect from skin burns. It also has tip-over protection; hence the heater will shut off if it tilts. It is easy to start, you just need to push the red ignition button to ignite the fuel without external electric power.

You can also control the flame using the range adjusting knob which will provide you the required heat. The fuelling is very easy, it has a siphon pump to fill the kerosene. A full tank will provide you heat for 14 hours in a 380 sq. Ft area. The manual shut off switch enables you to shut off the heater just by pushing the button. It is suitable for outdoor trips and daily usage. The seller provides a 2-year limited warranty; therefore, you don’t need to worry for two years.


  • Manual Shut off button
  • Can perform in wind
  • Easy to start
  • Tip-over safety
  • Safety shut-off feature


  • Smell of kerosene
  • Less heat at Low setting

Dyna Glo kerosene heater indoor use, Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6B

Dyna Glo kerosene heater indoor use

This model of Dyna-Glo provides sufficient heat to heat a 1000 sq. Ft by providing 23,000 BTUs per hour. Its convection technology will heat your whole room quickly within a few minutes. It is very easy to use, you just need to push the igniter button to ignite it automatically and you don’t need matchsticks. To shut off the heater you need to push the shut-off button, the heater will shut off in a second. It is 99.9% efficient; hence, almost no heat loss, which will save your running cost. The adjustment knob allows you to control the flame, you can adjust the temperature with it. It has a shut-off switch for safety if it tips. It is made to use indoor only, therefore you can use it in room, garages, and offices.


  • Easy to use
  • Very Efficient
  • Flame adjustment knob
  • Safety shut-off switch
  • No electricity needed


  • Not for outdoor use
  • No automatic thermostat

Sengoku kero heat portable radiant kerosene heater​

Sengoku kero heat portable radiant kerosene heater

Sengoku CV-2230 requires K1 radiant kerosene heater to provide you heat free of odour. It has a fuel gauge to keep an eye on fuel usage. It is very lightweight (15lbs only) and has a capacity of 1.9 gallons; hence, it is portable enough. This powerful heater can produce 23,000 BTUs per hour which is enough to heat a 1000sq. Ft room. It will take a few minutes to heat the whole room with convective heat. It possesses safety shut off to prevent fire in case it is tilted. The easy start and shut off button enable quick and easy operation. It has automatic ignition, or you can ignite it with a match stick as well. The wick adjustment will help you to adjust the flame for efficient combustion and it will prevent soot and odour of carbon monoxide.


  • Lightweight
  • Automatic and self-ignition
  • Easy ignition a shut-off
  • Less odour and Carbon monoxide
  • Electricity is not needed


  • No thermostat
  • Soot at high flame

Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater​

Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater

This little tiny heater can heat a 500 sq. Ft room with its 10,000 BTUs of heat. It provides radiant heat; therefore, it is suitable for spot heating. The fuel indicator indicates the fuel in running condition. It is portable, having two safety handles on both sides to carry it easily. The fuel cartridge can be taken out to fill with ease and its capacity is one-gallon. Its efficiency is about 99.9%, so there is almost no loss of energy. It can only be run on 1-k kerosene. It will provide heat for 13 hours to 500 sq. Ft indoor space. The safety guard will protect from fire burns and it also has a tip-over safety feature to prevent fires. It is easy to ignite and extinguish, you just need to push the respective buttons. After all, no electricity is required.


  • Very efficient
  • Small design
  • Tip-over safety
  • Portable
  • Wick adjustment


  • For indoor use only
  • Smelly for some users

Pro temp kerosene heater, forced air kerosene heater​

Pro temp kerosene heater

This ultimate powerful forced air kerosene heater can store up to 4 gallons of kerosene in its tank to provide 7 hours of heat to a 1,750 sq. Ft area. This will provide you 70,000 BTUs per hour which will heat your room very quickly within a few minutes. It weighs only 28lbs and has a safety handle; hence it is portable. It has both fan-forced and radiant heating methods, to heat the whole space and specific spot as well. It has an on/off button that can be used to turn off the heater quickly when needed. There is a cooling fan to cool down the heater after use. You can easily fill the fuel by opening the fuel cap and the fuel gauge indicates the fuel left in the tank. It is CSA approved and has an overheat protection. The safety shut-off feature ensures safe use and prevents mishaps.


  • Easy operation
  • Portable
  • Cooling fan
  • Large fuel tank
  • Fan forced heating


  • No thermostat controls
  • Require electricity to function

Pro temp kerosene heater- 4500BTU Kerosene torpedo heater

Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Kerosene.Diesel Forced Air Torpedo Heater

This Pro-Temp kerosene torpedo heater is simple and easy to use having only an on/off button. It weighs about 30lbs and has a safety handle to carry wherever you want. This powerful heater provides enough heat to heat a poorly insulated area. It provides 45,000 BTUs per hour which is sufficient to heat 1100 sq. Ft area. It has a 5-gallon tank that can provide continuous heat for 14 hours when the tank is full. It has fuel and built-in pressure gauge, you can see the amount of fuel left while the heater is running with fuel gauge.

The pressure gauge at the back informs you about the pressure in PSI and BAR. It has a built-in safety overheat protection which will save you from overheating. It also has a charging outlet to charge secondary items. The company offers a 1-year limited warranty; therefore, you don’t need to worry about defective materials.


  • Large 5-gallon tank
  • Easy operation switch
  • Pressure and fuel gauge
  • Portable
  • Diesel/Kerosene


  • No thermostat controls
  • Weighs 30lbs
  • Requires Electricity

Dura heat convection kerosene heater, Dura Heat DH2304S 23,800 BTU​

Dura heat convection kerosene heater​

Dura Heat DH2304S is a small portable heater that can be used in power outages. It is suitable to use indoor to heat a small area for 8-12 hours. You can assemble it on your own, it is very easy to assemble. It can provide 23,800 BTUs per hour which is enough to heat your room. You can adjust the flame by wick adjustment knob. It has a safety guard all around it which will keep your hands away from the flame. The safety shut-off function operates in the case of the heater tilting. The fuel tank is small and has a capacity of 1.9 gallons. It has an ignite and extinguish button, which will take a second to perform the function. The handle enables you to carry it easily and it weighs on 27lbs.


  • Indoor Use
  • No electricity required
  • Portable
  • Safety shut off


  • Produces fumes and odour at start
  • Prohibited in some states

kero world kerosene heater, Kero World KW-24G 23,000-BTU​ ​

kero world kerosene heater

This heater does not require electricity to operate, it has batteries for the ignition purpose. It is suitable to heat a 900 sq. Ft indoor area. The heater provides 23,000 BTUs per hour for 12 hours with a full tank. It has a fuel gauge to see the fuel left in the tank. The adjustment wick allows you to adjust the flame. Its matchless ignition and extinguish button make it easy to use. It is very lightweight (20lbs) and portable. The capacity of the tank is 1.9 gallon which should be filled by clean kerosene only. Its convection technology can heat the whole room within minutes. It has an automatic shut-off switch to extinguish the heater if it is tipped. The seller offers a 2-year limited warranty which is enough to ensure its durability


  • Matchless ignition
  • Portable
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Little noisy
  • Odor at start

Best indoor Kerosene Heater Buying Guides

Kerosene heaters are commonly used for homes, garages, docks, and workshops. There are different features in different models and types of heaters. It is important to see those features to buy the best kerosene heater for indoor use. We are going to tell you the feature that you should look before buying a kerosene heater. Not all the models have all these features. Sometimes you need to compromise on some features as well. We will try to explain each feature in detail which will guide you to buy the best kerosene heater for yourself and others. The important considerations are given below.

indoor kerosene heater safety

Safety always comes first. Kerosene heaters can be very dangerous without safety features. There can be a huge risk of fires and fatalities. Some states allow only the use of kerosene without specific certifications. Your heater will be proved to be the indoor safe kerosene heater if it has the safety features in it. Otherwise, it will be a threat to your life. The important safety features that you should look while buying a kerosene heater are,

Tilt Protection

Kerosene heaters usually have this feature and it is the mandatory feature. It shuts off the heater in case of abnormalities. If your heater is tilted, then it can cause a fire. So, in this case, the heater should shut off immediately as the heater is tilted. If the heater is turned off after being tilted, then there is no harm.

Safety Grill

Some heaters have a safety grill around it that will keep the user away from burner and flame. Even though the heater is off after it is tilted, the hot burner can still cause a fire. This guard keeps away the burner form combustible materials and users. heatercamp

Overheating Shut-off

The heater should turn off in case of overheating; otherwise, it will damage itself and provide an excess amount of heat to the user. In this case, there is a shut-off switch in the heaters, that only operates in case of overheating.

Safety Handle

The safety handle allows the user to carry it easily. By touching the heater from its handle will not give you the sense of heat or skin burns.

Requirement of Electricity

Some heater usually requires electricity to work for ignition and other purposes. These heaters cannot work in power outages. Many heaters do require electricity, they just use cells for ignitions. They can be taken anywhere to produce light and heat without the need for electrical power. This saves your electric bill as well.

Effective Area

You need to choose the best heater according to the area you want to heat. The heat energy delivered by any heater is represented in the form of BTUs per hour. The larger the room, the more BTUs per hour required. Make sure the heater you are buying has the appropriate heat delivery for the required space.

Required Fuel

Kerosene heater usually requires clean kerosene fuel. The use of recommended fuel increases the life of the heater. The best-rated kerosene heater can have a multiple fuel feature. Some of them can also run on diesel and other fuels. The multi-fuel feature allows you to use fuels other recommended fuels. You can pick the cheapest fuel on which your heater can run.

Adjustable Thermostat

The thermostat maintains the temperature of the room. It automatically controls the temperature and set according to the desired temperature. Generally, kerosene heaters do not have this feature. This is only available in the most efficient kerosene heater models. It ensures the desired temperature in the area.

Wick Adjustment

Wick adjustment knob is provided to adjust the flame. You can select the desired flame setting. Flame setting can reduce the soot and odor produced by the heater.

Easy Ignition and Extinguish

Kerosene heaters normally have an easy ignition and extinguish system. There are separate buttons for these. Ignition button works on electrical spark which can be provided by pre-installed batteries or external electric power.

Noise and Smell

Kerosene heater usually creates noise especially fan-forced and convection heaters. Noise is not always irritating. Further, there can be a smell of kerosene. This problem can be solved by adjusting the flame. Usually medium flame is the best to use.


Some heaters are specially designed for indoor heating. But those heaters will not provide sufficient heat outdoor. If you need an outdoor heater, you should buy the special one designed for outdoor use. Outdoor heaters should not be used in the room, they can produce carbon monoxide and noise.

Frequently Asked Question For kerosene space heater

You might have some questions before purchasing the best kerosene forced air heater. We are going to answer some common questions.

Can kerosene heaters be used indoors?

Yes, some kerosene heaters are designed especially for indoor usage. They have safety features to prevent any accidents. There can be a problem of noise, but that is bearable. Further, if there is any kind of smell, then it can be controlled by wick adjustment.

Why kerosene heater smokes?

Most of the heaters produce smoke at the time of ignition only. The smoke is generated by the improper burning of kerosene. You can control it with wick adjustment. Use the medium setting to avoid soot. Generally, the low setting produces no smoke. Use 1-K grade kerosene to prevent smoke and smell.

Will kerosene heaters run on diesel?

Yes, but only a few of the models have this feature. You cannot use diesel in any type of kerosene heater. Please read the instruction manual to check the fuels that you can use.

How long kerosene heater will burn?

The time till which a kerosene heater can provide the heat depends on its tank capacity. It also depends on the provision of heat energy per hour. Usually, a kerosene heater can provide you heat for 8-12 hours.

Are kerosene heaters safe in a garage?

Yes, they are safe, and some models are designed to heat the poorly insulated areas. Fan-force heaters are the best for a garage.


The warranty gives you a sigh of relief, that you can ask the company for any defective part. This ensures the durability of the heater as well.


The heater should be lightweight and easy to carry. Usually, heaters have handles to carry them. Although heaters that do not use electricity are more portable as they can be taken anywhere to run. Some heaters have wheels to carry them, but they have a very high number of BTUs per hour.

Types of the kerosene space heater and their Working

A kerosene heater can be classified according to a few criteria. The classification can be based on,

  1. Type of heating
  2. Fuel type
  3. Indoor/Outdoor usage

Type of Heating

There are three types of heating methods available in a kerosene heater. Before buying a kerosene heater you should know the difference between them and their working. The three types are,

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are used for spot heating. They throw the hot air to the object in front of them. They do not warm up the whole room. This is the reason, they require less amount of fuel to burn. You can place it under your desk to keep your legs warm. Further, you can put in front of yourself to warm up your body. They do not require any insulation as they only heat the spot. Their operation is very quick, and they can provide hot air within seconds.

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters heat the whole air in the room. They require some time to heat the whole room; therefore, you need to wait for a few minutes (10-20 minutes). It depends on the emissive energy of the heater that how much time it will take to heat the whole. Insulation is also another factor. If your room is perfectly insulated, then the hot air will not escape, and the heater can warm your whole room in less time.

Forced-air heaters

Kerosene forced-air heaters have a fan installed in them which is used for forcing the air and for cooling of the heater. These heaters produce noise due to the presence of a fan.

Fuel type

You might be thinking that the kerosene heaters can be used only on kerosene. There are models of kerosene heaters that can only work on kerosene, but multi-fuel heaters are also available. So, there are two types based on fuel,

Single-fuel Heaters

These heaters can only work on kerosene which is usually K1 kerosene. The kerosene should be clean because it increases the life of your heater.

Multi-fuel heaters

Multifuel heaters can work on a few fuels. Some of the heaters can work on two fuels such as Diesel and Kerosene. A few of the heater can work on three of more than three types of fuel. They can also work on Jet A or JP-8 or other types of fuel. Always use the fuel-type recommended by the manufacturer.

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Some kerosene heaters are specially designed for indoor and outdoor usage. You should use the specific heater according to its usage conditions. Some heater can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor heaters require ventilation as they emit gases; therefore, they cannot be used indoor.

How to use Kerosene heater?

You might be wondering that using a kerosene heater is easy. Yes, it is but you should use it in the right manner to increase the useful life of the heater. Your best kerosene forced air heater needs your care and correct operation.


  • After buying a new heater, you need to assemble it. If it is already assembled, then it is the best thing; otherwise, you will need to assemble it. To assemble the heater, you need to read the assembling instructions in the manual carefully. Different models of the heater have a different kind of assembling procedure.
  • The fuel is the main thing to run the heater. Fill the required fuel by looking at the fuel gauge. Do not overflow the tank. It there are any spills, then clean it and let it dry before using the heater. Use the recommended fuels only. Never use any type of fuel which is not given in the fuel list of the heater. It will damage the parts of the heater.
  • Some heaters, especially fan-forced heaters require electricity to run. You need to connect the cord with the help of an extension to the wall socket.
  • Turn on the heater from the ignition button. If the ignition button is not working, check the cells and replace them. You can also use a matchstick to ignite some heaters.
  • The heater should not run out of fuel while running. Always check the fuel before starting the heater. Never refill the tank when the heater is running
  • Adjust the wick using knob and set the flame to medium. If there is thermostat available, then you can set the desired temperature.
  • To shut off the heater you push the shut-off button, it will extinguish the flame in a second. Some heaters have an on/off button only, so you can turn them off.

Benefits of using the best kerosene heater

Kerosene heaters have many benefits. We are going to list down a few of them.

No Electricity Required

Most of the kerosene heaters do not require any external electric power. They can work without electricity. They only require the recommended fuel. This is the reason that they can be used in power outages. They can provide heat and light in case of power outages. They can be taken anywhere as no electricity is required. Although they have batteries for ignition. It saves your electrical energy as well.

Outdoor Use

Most heaters do not provide enough heat to be used outdoor, but kerosene heaters which are designed for outdoor can provide enough heat. They can work in poor insulated garage and docks as well.

Easy to Use

Kerosene heaters are easy to use. You can fill the fuel easily and watch the amount of fuel left while the heater is running from the fuel gauge. They have automatic shut-off switches to prevent fire in any case of abnormality. The heater has a wick adjustment setting to adjust the flame as required. Further, the easy ignition and extinguish button makes the work easier.


Kerosene heaters are very portable as you can take them anywhere, and electricity is not required in most of the models. They have moderate weight with safety handles. They can even be taken for camping, where there is no electricity.

Automatic Ignition

Kerosene heaters usually have a button for the ignition. You can also use a match stick to ignite them. The automatic ignition can save you time and energy.

Quick heating

Kerosene heaters are very powerful, they can provide heat quickly. If you are using a radiant heater, then it will provide hot air within seconds. Convection kerosene heaters also require less time if you are using it in the correct area.


Kerosene heaters can be used indoor and outdoor, especially in poorly insulated areas. A kerosene heater can be very helpful to keep you warm in power outages. They are portable and easy to use. Previously made kerosene heaters were not safe to use, but the new models have safety features. These safety features can protect you from fires due to the tilting of heaters and overheating. There is a multi-fuel heater feature in some heaters which allows you to use the other recommended fuels. Always use the recommended fuel only. Otherwise, there will be soot and smell due to improper burning.

You can Choose the best kerosene heater by following the buyer’s guide in this article. After buying a heater you should assemble it properly. If you are not sure, then call an expert. Always keep the combustible materials away from the heater. The front area of the heater is usually hot, and you should avoid touching it. You should know your requirements before buying the heater. It means the area you want to heat. Whether the area is insulated or not? After that, you should buy the heater accordingly.