Best Electric Garage Heater 240V Reviews

Garage heaters are for workshops, garages, and basements to keep warm in winter seasons. They have safety features that prevent fire accidents. They have a very high wattage rating and BTUs per hour which can be used to heat even a poorly insulated area.

There are many types of electric heaters and all of them have different kinds of features and functions. But we are going to target 240V electric garage heaters.

You might get confused in choosing the 240-volt garage heater. Therefore, we are going to discuss it in this article which will help you to buy, operate, and know the, best electric garage heater 240V.

240v Garage Heater Reviews

We have listed the Top-rated electric garage heater 240V in this article for your guidance. This will save you time and money. The features, functions, pros, and cons are mentioned in the article.

We have also prepared a Buyer’s Guide for you that will tell you about the features that you should consider. The benefits of using the best 240 volt garage heater are also mentioned.

There is a discussion about the types of heater that are available in the market for a garage. You will also get the usage instruction for the long-life of the heater. There is also a frequently asked question section in the end. Let’s start with the top 10 product lists.

1. Dr infrared garage heater 240V-DR-988 heater​

Dr infrared garage heater 240V

This is an electric infrared garage heater, that can warm up to 600 sq. Ft area. It is specially designed to use in poorly insulated areas such as garages, basements, and workshops.

Its fan can blow the air all around. It has a safety overheat protection that will shut-off the heater in case of the overheating of its parts.

The thermostat can maintain the pre-set temperature by turning on/off automatically. You can also set the desired temperature using the thermostat knob from low to high (45˚F-95˚F).

It has a carry handle to take it to another place; hence it is portable. The front part of the heater is covered with a safety grill to avoid skin burns. There is no installation required, you just need to insert the plug into the socket. It is safe to use and has a UL and C-UL certification.


  • Fan
  • Automatic overheating safety
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Preauction is needed
  • Cannot be mounted on ceiling

2. Fahrenheat FUH54 electric garage heater with thermostat

Best Fahrenheat FUH54 Garage Heater

This electric garage heater with thermostat can be used on the ceiling for safe use. Its installation is easy, and it has spaces to fit the screws. It has an adjustable thermostat and you can set the temperature from 45˚F-135˚F.

It is painted with epoxy; therefore, it is free from corrosion. It has a wattage range for 1874 watts to 5000 watts which depends on the heat it is blowing. The fan pushes the air through the coil to give you hot air in the whole area.

There are adjustable louvers to control the direction of heat. It can work in poorly insulated areas. It is safe to use as it has an automatic cut-off switch which turns off the heater in overheating state. Ceiling mounting brackets come with it to install it on the ceiling. It has a one-year limited warranty.


  • Ceiling mounted
  • Free from corrosion
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic overheating cut-off
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • Temperature control is difficult
  • Not portable

3. Dr. Heater DR966 electric garage heater with thermostat​

Best Commercial garage heaters

Dr Heater DR966 is a ceiling-mounted heater that can be installed easily. It is easy to operate as well with high/low switch and thermostat knob only. With the high/low switch, you can set 3000 watts and 6000 watts according to requirement.

The thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature from 45˚F to 95˚F. Its position can be adjusted up and down and has louvers to control the heat flow.

It has an alarm LED that tells the user about the overheating of the parts and the heater should be turned off. The powerful fan blows the hot air in the area. It has a very minimum noise which is bearable.

The thermal cut-off protection can turn off the heater automatically in case of overheating. It can save you energy if you change the wattage settings according to ambient temperature. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.


  • Two wattage settings
  • Alarm LED
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • CL and C-UL certifications
  • Overheating Safety


  • Not too much heat
  • Not portable

4. Best Dimplex garage heater-Dimplex dgwh4031​

Best Dimplex garage heater

This garage heater is made of high quality 22 gauge steel and has a resin coating to avoid damage and corrosion respectively. It has thermostat by which you can set the desired temperature from 45˚F-77˚F.

Its power rating is 4000 watts which can give off 13,648 BTUs that are enough to heat a poorly insulated area. It has a propeller-type fan to spread the hot air at 300 CFM. The front part of the heater is covered with grill for safety. 

The heater has an automatic shut off feature for safety purposes. It can be mounted on the walls and ceilings easily and the package has mounting brackets. It has two lights, one shows the power and the other informs you about overheating. The company offers a one-year replacement or repair warranty.


  • Strong body
  • Corrosion-free
  • Powerful fan
  • Energy-efficient
  • Power and Overheating lights


  • Thermostat knob is at the back
  • A little noisy

5. Best Comfort zone garage heater 240V-Comfort Zone CZ220​

Best Comfort zone garage heater 240V

Comfort Zone CZ220 is a powerful garage heater with three wattage settings 3000W, 4000W, and 5000W. It can provide 11,285-17,068 BTUs to heat garages, basements, and workshops. It is made of thick high-quality steel; hence it is durable. The heater can be tilted in three angles and the louvers can also be adjusted to direct the heat. The heater has a cut-off switch that operates when the heater is overheated; therefore, it is safe to use. It also has power and overheating indication lights to inform the user about the current state. Its powerful fan distributes the hot air quickly in a wide area. It takes 20-30 minutes to heat the area. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty. The front grill can be removed easily for cleaning. It is safe to use and ETL approved.


  • Follows OSHA and NEC standards
  • Overheating protection
  • Three wattage settings
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable


  • No adjustable thermostat
  • Fan problems

6. Newair portable electric garage heater-NewAir G56​

Best Newair garage heater

This is a 5600-watt Best portable electric garage heater that can provide heat to a 560 sq. Ft area. It gives off 19,107 BTUs and its fan spreads the hot air in the room at 236 CFM. This is a lightweight heater and you can take it easily anywhere, it is portable enough. You can control its fan as well, it can either be on continuously or there is an auto mode as well. 

The front part of the heater is covered with grill for safety and to avoid an obstacle in the fan. It has a thermostat that can be set to maintain the desired temperature in the area. The outer body is made of stainless steel and it is painted as well to ensure durability. It also has a safety cut off switch which operates due to overheating of the parts. It has a one-year replacement or repair warranty.


  • Carrying Handle
  • Stainless steel body
  • Two fan modes
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Portable


  • Requires vigilance
  • Not for ceiling

7. 240V Cadet portable electric garage heater, Cadet RCP502s​

Best 240V Cadet Portable Garage Heater

This is the Best portable electric garage heater and you can take it anywhere for use. It can either be used on the floor or mounted on walls. It has two wattage settings 5000W and 3333W which can be selected by a button. The heater also has an adjustable thermostat knob for controlling the temperature. The heater has an auto/on the button as well, and the auto feature can control the heating automatically.

It is safe to use and has a safety shut off switch which turns off the heater automatically in abnormal conditions. The fan only feature allows you to use the fan for air circulation. It is very compact and takes little space, but clearance is required. It is specially designed to work in poorly insulated areas like garages and workshops. The front part of the heater is covered with safety grill and it follows UL standards of safety.


  • Portable
  • Two wattage settings
  • Fan-only mode
  • Safety features
  • Durable


  • No carrying handle
  • Little noisy

8. Best King electric garage heater, KING GH2410TB​

Best King electric garage heater

king electric garage heater is a powerful 10,000-watt heater that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It is suitable to use for an 800sq. Ft garage. It is very easy to install and takes a half-hour to fix it. You can adjust the temperature by thermostat knob from low to high. It also has two heating modes to select the heat intensity. The powerful fan blows the air on the heating element to make it cooler. It has power and overheating indications lights to inform the status. It has smart limit protection which shuts off the heater in case of overheating. Further, if the overheating is due to an abnormal condition, then the heater can only be turned on after resetting it. The louvers can be adjusted to control the airflow direction. It has a 3-years warranty.


  • Smart Limit Protection
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Fan
  • Easy installation and use
  • Indicator lights


  • Issues with fan
  • Not portable

9. Cadet garage heater, Cadet RCP502S​

Cadet 5000 watt garage heater

Cadet RCP502S is a portable garage heater that you can carry to a garage or workshop. It has a high and low setting which is for 5000W and 3333W respectively. The heater is well designed to be used in a garage and it is painted for long life. It has an adjustable thermostat that can be used to adjust the temperature. It has a fan to provide heat in the whole area and there is a fan-only mode for air circulation with no added heat. Its body is made from thick (20-gauge) steel which makes it durable. It can be mounted on the floor or wall. You can adjust its angle as required. It also has an auto function to turn on and off the heater to maintain the temperature and save electricity. The safety trip feature shuts off the heater in case of overheating.


  • Fan-only mode
  • Auto mode
  • Durable
  • Two wattage settings
  • Safety feature


  • No carrying handle
  • Not for ceiling

10. King Electric PGH2440TB 4000-watt 240-volt Garage Heater

King Electric PGH2440TB 4000-watt 240-volt Garage Heater

This heater is easy to use and install. It can be used on the floor or mounted on the ceiling and the package include mounting brackets. It is excellent for garages and it takes the cold air from the back and throws the hot air from the front. The high-temperature limit ensures safe operation without overheating. The outer body of the heater is made durable and painted to avoid rust and scratches. The heating element is made of stainless steel which will not rust due to humidity. It is a 4000-watt heater which can provide heat to 450 sq. Ft area. It weighs only 10lbs and has a handle to carry; therefore, it is portable. You can also control the temperature with the adjustable thermostat. It is safe to use and certified by ETL. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for the product.


  • Easy to use
  • Caution indication light
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe operation


Only one wattage setting

How to choose the right size 240V electric garage heater?

How to choose garage heater

If you are thinking to buy the best 240v garage heater, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss the features and functions you should consider while buying the 240 volt garage heater. We will put light on all the features, but not all heaters will have them. You will have to compromise on some features as well that are not important to you. So, the important things that you should consider are, how to warm the garage in winter.

Power Consumption

You should check the power consumption of heaters because the garage heaters consume a lot of power. In the end, you will have you pay the bill as well. Normally the garage heaters have a rating from 3000W to 10,000W. For a large area, you will have to use a heater that has high wattage. To calculate the cost per hour you just need to divide the power in watts with 1000 which will change the power in Kilo-Watts. Now multiply the answer with the cost-per-unit of the electricity. After multiplying, the answer you get represents the cost per hour of the usage of the heater. Since you need to calculate the cost of one hour, therefore, you don’t need to multiply the hour as it is 1. Although to calculate the cost of more than one hour, you can multiply the last answer with the hours of use.

Wattage Options

In some heaters, there are more than one wattage options available which can save your energy. If you want to use your heater in a little cold season, then you can use the lower wattage setting. But, if you want to use it in cold chill days, then the higher wattage setting will work perfectly. Normally there are two wattage options available as high and low.


Since you are going to use the heater in your garage or workshop; therefore, the heater should be durable enough. The body should be of thick metal and the lovers as well. The durability will protect from the accidental hits and bumps on the heater.


The position of the heater also matters. Floor heaters need care and attention. There should be clearance around them. Combustible material can cause fire, so there should be clearance around the heater. This take a lot of space. If you have enough space on the floor, then there is no problem.

The wall and ceiling heaters require little space. They just hang on the spare space. To hang the hater, you should have brackets and the heater should be capable of hanging as well. If the heater is not for hanging, then never try to do that.


Garage heaters are very hot from the front. There should be no combustible materials. In the garage heaters, the common safety feature is the overheating shut-off switch which turns off the heater in case of overheating. This feature senses the temperature of the parts and shuts down the heater and the heater turns on when the temperature becomes low. But, you need to reset some heater models to use again.

Further, the front part of the heater should be covered with the grill because it saves your hand from getting into it. It also protects the heater from obstacles that can come into the heater.

Adjustable Thermostat

This is an important feature with which you can set the desired temperature in the area. Heaters usually have a knob to control the temperature. You can turn it to high when you want to start the heater. The high position will heat the area quickly. When you feel that the desired temperature is reached then you can move the thermostat and it will produce a “Click” sound which means the temperature is set to the current temperature. This will automatically turn on and turn off your heater to maintain the temperature.


The portability of heater is not much important for the garage heaters as they are usually for mounting on walls and ceiling. But some heaters are portable, and you can take them to other work areas as well. They have a carrying handle with them and are lightweight as well.


Most of the garage heaters have a fan in it. They force the air out of them to spread in the whole area. Fans take less to heat the area, but they also produce a little noise. Some heaters also use the fan for the cooling cycle as well. Basically, the fan takes cold air from its back and throws it to the heating element. The air gets hot by passing through the heating element and you get the hot air.


Louvers can control the direction of the heat flow. If there are louvers, you can set them towards your working area.

Quiet Operation

You are working at your garage and you need a heater with a low noise level. Because noise can disturb your work. The noise level of the garage heater is somewhat higher than the bedroom heaters.

Frequently Asked Questions For Electric Garage Heater

Are the garage heaters safe?

Yes, garage heaters are safe to use. They have safety features to deal with abnormal conditions. Although, care must be taken when the heater is running.

Where to mount garage heater?

You can mount these heaters on walls or ceilings with ease. You need brackets to hold the heaters with the wall/ceiling.

What is the watt rating of garage heaters?

The common watt ratings are from 3000-10,000 watts. The wattage depends on the area you want to heat. For a large area, you need a high wattage rating heater.

Can garage heaters work in the poorly insulated area?

Yes, garage heaters are very powerful, they can work in poorly insulated areas such as your workshop. They have a high wattage and BTUs per hour.

Are the garage heaters hot to touch?

No, you cannot touch all heaters as they are hot outside as well. While some heaters have a cool exterior.

Are electric heaters expensive to run?

Electric heaters for the garage have a very high wattage rating; therefore, they have a high running cost, but they can cover a large area. They are safe and easy to install.

Do garage heaters take less space?

Electric/Kerosene heaters are very compact. They take very little space as compared to gas heaters.

Types of 240V Electric Garage Heaters

The garage heater can be classified on the following basis.

  1. Heating Method
  2. Fuel Type
  3. Placement

Heating Method

The common heating methods used in garage heaters are,

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters heat up the whole space in the area. They take one air from one side and release the hot air from another side. These heaters have oil as working fluid and they require less maintenance. They are very quiet as well. They require some time to heat the entire space, so you need to wait for it.

Fan-forced Heaters

These heaters are for garages, basements, and workshops and they throw the cold air on the heating element. The fan spread the air in the room quickly. They might have noise due to fan. The fan can also work in the cooling cycle.

Radiant Heaters

These heaters do not heat the whole space. They are good for spot heating. They can heat even a large area as well. These heaters emit radiation that keeps us warm. They can provide instant heat without any waiting.

Fuel Type

The common fuel types available in the garage heaters are,

Kerosene Heaters

These heaters are portable, and they have a kerosene tank. Some heaters also run on diesel and other types of fuel. They have safety features for indoor use. The problem with these heaters is the emission of gases. They require ventilation. But after all, they can provide you with heat in power outages.

Electric Heaters

These heaters use electricity. They are very efficient, and their upfront cost is also lower than gas heaters. They are portable, you can carry them anywhere. Further, they do not require any ventilation. Although, the running cost of the heater depends on the cost per unit of electricity. These heaters have various safety features and remote control. They are easy to install and maintain.

Natural Gas/Propane Heater

Gas heaters have a lower running cost than the other heater. Their installation and maintenance are difficult. You also need a separate gas connection. Further, there can be gas leakage and risks of fire. Their upfront cost is more than electric heaters. They also require a proper ventilation system. They are usually not portable and fixed at a place.


On the basis of placement, there can be following types,

Floor Heaters

These heaters can be run on floors, but extra space is required which should be free from combustible materials near it. They are portable and easy to carry. They require no installation. You need to be vigilant while using these heaters. Only such heaters which do not require any ventilation are placed at the floor like electric heaters or some kerosene heaters.

Wall/Ceiling Mounted

These heaters are for mounting on walls and ceilings. They do not require any extra space. They are also away from combustible materials. Most of the electric heaters are mounted on the walls and ceilings of the garage or workshops. You can use brackets to install the heater on the wall/ceiling. Gas heaters are mostly mounted due to the ventilation system.

How to use an electric garage heater?

To ensure the long life of the garage electric heaters 240v, you should use it properly. We are now going to discuss the proper usage guide. The instructions are general for garage heaters. Some of the heaters might not require all the instructions.


  1. The first thing after buying the heater is its mounting. Usually, garage heaters are mounted on walls and ceilings. Decide an area in the place where you want to install the heater. Place the mounting brackets with the screws. Make sure that there is no space left between the brackets and the wall or ceiling. Place the heater and fix it properly. If your heater is a floor heater, then you don’t need to mount it.
  2. After placing the heater, insert the plug into the nearest 240V wall socket. Never plug it in the 120V wall socket. Ask an electrician to install a new connection if there is not any.
  3. Make sure that the wiring can bear the current of the heater. It should not overheat.
  4. There should be at least 3ft clearance. Keep all the combustible material away from the heater.
  5. Now turn on the heater and move the thermostat to the high position.
  6. Select the desired wattage setting if available.
  7. The temperature will gradually increase, and you should wait for the desired temperature. Now to set the desired temperature, move the thermostat knob in the clockwise direction. When you hear the “Click” sound, the temperature is now set to the desired temperature. The heater will maintain the temperature automatically by turning on and off.
  8. After using your heater turn it off and let it cool down.
  9. You should do the maintenance of the heater at least once a year. You can take out the front grille easily for maintenance. Clean the dust using vacuum cleaner or blower. Do not use cleaning liquids.

Benefits Of Electric Garage Heater 240V

You might be familiar with some of the benefits of using the best electric garage heater 240V, but you might not know all. So, we are going to tell you the benefits of 240v garage heaters.

Work in Poor Insulation

Garages, workshops, and basements usually have poor insulation. A simple portable heater cannot work there to provide heat.  You need a powerful heater that can work in this condition. The garage electric heaters 240v can work in the poorly insulated areas as well. You don’t need to spend money on insulation. If you already have an insulated place, then it is better, but if not then don’t worry.

High Heat Output

These heaters have a very high output BTU amount which can easily heat up a large space. Their wattage ratings are also very high that keeps the large place warm.

No Ventilation Required

Electric heaters do not require ventilation as they do not emit any kind of gases. You can save the cost of ventilation. Further, it is also good for health.

Easy Mounting

Mounting of these heaters is very easy. Most of the heaters have mounting brackets with the package. There should be no gap between the wall and the brackets. It requires only 30 minutes to mount. Further the wall/ceiling mounting saves space and it is suitable to prevent combustible material as well.

Easy Operation

Garage heaters are easy to operate, you just need to insert the plug into the socket and turn it on. You can easily control the temperature from the control knob on the heater.


Usually, garage heaters have a fan in them. This fan can spread the air in the room quickly. It saves the parts of the heater from overheating.


Garage heaters are very durable. They can bear the accidental hits and bumps in the garage. Their body has a tough paint to prevent corrosion.


As we know that garage heaters help us to work with comfort. There are many kinds of garage heaters that work on different fuels and technology methods. We have picked that best electric garage heater 240V for your ease. You will get the desired heater with the required features easily with saving your time and money. We have discussed the proper usage of these heaters in this article. These instructions will increase the life of your heater and your heater will perform very well. While using any type of heater, you should be vigilant. The area around the heaters should be clear and free from any combustible materials.

Garage heaters should have a strong body for durability. They should also have other features as well and we have listed all the features and their importance in the Buyer’s Guide. This buyer’s guide will help you to pick the right size electric garage heater 240V for your requirements. We have discussed the benefits of using the heater in detail. Most importantly, there might be some questions in your mind; therefore, we have answered some common questions as well.