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Camping is a wonderful activity which is full of joy and adventure. People mostly prefer to go for camping in summers, but the joy of winter camping is unbeatable. Everyone must try winter camping at least once. You can enjoy the bonfire, cold breeze and peaceful nights. These camping days will be unforgettable, and you will recall them for your whole life. You just need some extra necessary things such as warm clothes, a water heater, and a space heater. Camping heaters are very essential because they keep you warm and cosy. You can enjoy a comfortable stay in tents. Moreover, water heaters provide you with hot water for usage. These things are necessary if you are planning for winter camping. In This Article We Discussed Essential, Camping Heater. Enjoy Our Article.

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Before you go for a winter camping you should know about camping heaters to enjoy in the harsh weather. Moreover, you need to be careful while using a camping heater. You should know about the safety tips before you go camping. If you don’t want to spoil your winter camping, then you should learn about the camping heater, safety tips, and precautions. You should also know how to keep yourself warm in the tent. Therefore, we are here to guide you about camping heaters, safety tips and how you can keep yourself warm.

Types of Tent Camping Heaters

There are many types of camping heater based on the type of fuel. People often get confused while selecting a heater, so we are going to discuss all types of camping heater and some safety tips for each.

Electric and Battery-powered Tent Camping Heater

Electric and battery-powered heaters are the most efficient heaters. It means almost all electrical energy is converted into heat and there is less or no loss. They can work as a good camping heater. These heaters are portable, and you can carry them anywhere due to their lightweight. Further, the design is very compact and takes less space in the tent. Battery-powered heaters can be a little heavy due to the presence of a battery, but they are still portable. For electric heaters, you need electricity to get warm air and these heaters cannot work in case of power outages. While battery-powered heaters can work in power outages as well until the battery lasts.

Features and Benefits

The best thing about these heaters is safety features. Safety in tents is necessary to avoid accidental fires. Electric and battery-powered heaters are very safe. They have tip-over safety which avoids fires in case the heater is tipped. There is overheat protection as well which turns off the heater automatically in case of overheating. These safety features make such heaters reliable. You can use them freely. But you need to choose the heater which has these safety features. Keep in mind that the outer surface of the heaters should be cool to touch. Otherwise, it can give you hand burns. Moreover, it is also a fire hazard if the body of the heater is not cool. These heaters have many functions. Some of the heaters can be controlled by a remote or buttons on the heaters.

You can easily get these heaters, they are not very costly. They produce a little noise, but it will not disturb you. You can also set timers in some heaters. The thermostat allows you to control the temperature and set it according to the requirement. Further, most electric heaters have a fan to spread warm air in the area. You don’t need to wait for a long time because these heaters heat the area quickly. These heaters do not produce any kind of smoke, they can be used in closed spaces like tents. You don’t need to worry about ventilation. They can work at any elevation because there is no combustion in electric heaters. The only con of these heaters is you need electricity. People usually use the ceramic heater as a camping heater because it is the best camping heater with all features.

Safety Tips and Precautions Of Tent Camping Heater

There are some safety tips and precautions for the electric and battery-powered heaters.

  • Check the heater whether it has the required safety features or not. Make sure it has is certified by any organization of safety standards.
  • Always keep the combustible material away from the heater. Due to combustible materials, these heaters can catch fire; therefore, keep them away.
  • Keep these heaters on a flat surface so their tip-over safety can work perfectly. Otherwise, the heater can turn off while standing on an uneven surface.
  • Electric heaters consume a lot of electricity, so make sure that your extension cord can bear the current that the heater draws. The wire can burn if it cannot bear the current and it can cause a fire as well. Do not use other things with the extension.
  • Always unplug the heater after using it. Turning off from remote is not enough, remove the plug from the socket.
  • Do not use the heater if the cord is frayed. It can give you an electric shock and can cause a fire as well.
  • Avoid using the heaters at night.

Gas Tent Camping Heater

Gas tent heaters do not require electricity; thus, they can be used in power outages as well. You don’t need to care about electricity. Since electricity can be a problem during camping, so gas heaters are good for portable heating. You only need a gas cylinder and most portable gas heaters use propane gas. You can enjoy the warm air of the heater till the cylinder lasts. This might not be a problem, because you can take propane in cylinders easily for a few days.  Moreover, there are disposable LP cans available in the market, you can carry those if you don’t want to carry a cylinder. But to use a disposable cylinder your heater should be compatible with it. Gas tent heaters are a little heavier than the ceramic electric heaters. Further, they need cylinders as well.

Carbon Monoxide and Elevation

Not all gas heaters can be used as a camping heater, you need to check whether the heater is suitable for indoor use or not. If the heater is only for outdoor use, then you cannot use it indoors. The reason is the emission of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is emitted by gas heaters and this gas has no smell. So, you cannot feel this gas. But the worst thing is that this gas can cause fatality. There are some portable gas heaters that can be used as a camping heater because they do not emit any kind of gas or emit a low amount of gas.

Gas heaters do combustion, so they need oxygen to do that. In case if there is low oxygen, then these heaters will not work properly. As you go high from the sea level, the oxygen decreases in the air. So, gas heaters can be used at certain elevation levels. The maximum elevation is always mentioned on the specification sheet.

Features and Benefits

Gas heaters have some safety features. They have tip-over protection, so the heater turns off automatically in case of any mishandling or accidental tipping. This feature is necessary, and it avoids fire. Further, some heaters have carbon monoxide detectors as well. They turn off automatically if the level of carbon monoxide becomes high. They also have oxygen level indicators which turn the gas off in case of low oxygen.

You don’t need a match stick to ignite, they have an automatic ignition system, you just need to press a button or turn the knob. They also have a high/low setting to control the temperature as required. Moreover, they provide a good amount of heat for tents. These features make the gas tent heater an excellent camping heater.

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • There should be a carbon monoxide detector to avoid any harmful situation. It will beep if there is a high level of carbon monoxide.
  • The front part of most heaters is a little hot. You should place a non-combustible material under the heater. This can avoid any kind of burning or fire if the heater is tipped.
  • Do not use the heater while sleeping.
  • You should open the tent from any side and let the air come in. This will allow fresh air to come in and reduce carbon monoxide.
  • The combustible material should be away from the heater to avoid an accidental fire.

Wood Tent Heater for Camping

A wood tent heater is a very old method to keep the tent warm and cosy. It is a kind of stove in which wood is burnt. Some wood stoves also use dry biomass with wood to make the stove eco-friendly. These heaters are portable, and you can take them anywhere. They can be dismantled easily, you can fold their legs and carry them anywhere for camping. The heat energy is produced by the burning of wood, so you don’t need to spend money on electricity or gas. You just need appropriate woods to burn. Hence, this can be used in emergencies like the outage of electricity. It is just like a stove made of metal, in most cases the metal is steel.

Since these heaters burn woods; therefore, they emit harmful gases including carbon monoxide. Thus, you need a proper ventilation system for using these heaters. They have chimneys that go out of the tent. The ventilation system should be proper; otherwise, a high level of carbon monoxide can cause fatality. The outer surface of these stoves and heaters is very hot and you cannot touch it.

Benefits and Features

These heaters can provide enough heat that can be used for heating the camp and cooking food as well. Yes, you can cook food as well. There are cooking grates and trays on most stoves to cook the food. This is just a two in one facility. They have lightweight and they are very portable. You can also fold the legs of some heaters to carry them easily. Some of the heaters can be dismantled into parts. The built quality is amazing, and they can last for years.

Further, they have easy-clean features such as easy disposal of ash. They have an ashtray that can be taken out for cleaning. They cannot be tipped easily and they remain firm on the ground due to their design. If you are out of gas, then you can easily cook food on these stove heaters.

These heaters usually have vertical chimneys to emit gases. You can also adjust the height of chimneys in some stoves according to the height of the tent. This is an excellent type of camping heater if you take care of safety.

Safety Tips

  • The chimney should be installed properly to emit gases.
  • Do not touch the body of the heater while it is burning. It also remains hot after burning.
  • Allow the heater or stove to cool down and then remove the ashtray safely.
  • Do not close the tent completely, let the fresh air come inside the tent.
  • Keep these heaters away from children and pets.
  • Keeps the combustible materials away from the stove. They can cause a fire.
  • Use a stove mat under the stove. These mats can withstand high temperatures. They can also protect the walls of the camp.
  • You can also use a carbon monoxide detector to deal with any unwanted situation of this harmful gas.

Kerosene Tent Heater for Camping

Kerosene heaters are portable heaters, they are easy to carry anywhere. You can also use them as a camping heater. They only need kerosene as fuel. Therefore, these heaters can work in the case of a power outage and emergency. There are outdoor and indoor kerosene heaters available. The outdoor heaters are not safe to use inside a home or tent. They are very powerful, and they emit gases; therefore, they are used in an open area only. While heaters designed for indoor use are suitable for tents. These heaters have no or fewer emissions.

Indoor heaters are usually lightweight and portable. They also have a handle to carry the heater. You will not hear any kind of noise from the heater. They are very silent. Moreover, if you adjust the wick correctly, then there won’t be any smell or smoke. The smoke and smell also depend on the quality of fuel. Always use the recommended fuel with the heater. Normally a 10,000 BTUs per hour heater can provide heat for 8-14 hours with a full fuel tank of 4.5 litres.

Benefits and Features

Indoor gas heaters have various safety features. They have a tip-over safety which turns off the heater if it is tipped over. The outer area of the heater is also covered by a safety cage which prevents hand burns and fire accidents. There is a wick adjustment knob through which you can control the flame and temperature. These heaters can provide heat and light at the same time. They have an automatic ignition system. You just need to press the button to ignite the heater. You can also extinguish the fire using a button. There is a fuel measuring gauge as well which tells you about the remaining fuel in the tank.

Safety Tips and Precaution

  • Place the heater on a plane surface. Tip-over safety can work correctly on a plane surface.
  • Adjust the flame properly. A medium flame is better, and it does not create smoke or smell.
  • Keep the combustible material away from the heater.
  • Do not fill the tank while the hater is in use.
  • Use the recommended fuel only; otherwise, your heater will produce smoke and odor.
  • Do not cover the heater with any cloth or material.
  • Turn off the heater when not in use. Do not use it while sleeping.
  • You can also use a carbon monoxide detector to prevent high saturation of the gas.
  • Fill the kerosene oil to the limit by seeing the gauge. Do not overflow it. In case of an oil spill, you should clean the spill first and let the heater dry before using it.

Water Tent Heater for Camping

You need hot water for shower and other use during the winter season. You need hot water when you go for camping in winter because you cannot use cold water. Coldwater can affect your health and cause fever. So, it is necessary to avoid cold water. You can also fill hot water bags with a water heater to put them inside the sleeping bags. For hot water, you need a water heater. While going for camping, you cannot take the water heater of your home. You need a portable water heater that can be used for camping. Such water heaters are specially made for outdoor use and camping. They have special features and benefits due to which they are preferred for camping.

There are many portable heaters in the market to choose from. Different heaters work on different fuels. All of them have distinct features and functions. You might get confused while buying a water heater for camping. So, we will tell you what kind of water heater is best for camping.

How to get the best camping water heater?

There are some factors which are necessary to see while getting a camping heater.


This is the most important thing because you cannot take any portable heater unless its working fuel is available. There are small tankless electric water heaters available. They are very compact and easy to use. But the problem is electricity. These heaters consume a lot of electricity and you cannot take these heaters for camping. If you have an RV, then the water heater in your RV can be useful and you can take your RV with you.

Not everyone has an RV to take it for camping. The best solution is taking a propane water heater with you. These heaters are easily available, and you just need a propane tank. Some water heaters use a disposable propane gas cylinder. So, you can easily carry some disposable cylinders with you for camping. Propane heaters are the best water heater for camping and they can provide you with enough water for a shower as well.

Moreover, there are battery powered water heaters as well. These heaters have a rechargeable battery. But this rechargeable battery can only provide hot water for 40-60 minutes which is not enough. So, these water heaters also have a secondary fuel which is usually propane. You can also use propane to heat the water.

Tank or Tankless

You can easily find tank-type or tankless water heaters. Tank-type heaters are usually big and heavy. They are harder to carry as compared to tankless water heaters. They also take time to heat the water and after that, you can use a limited amount of water that is present in the tank. But, if you can carry such a heater with you, then this heater can also work well. Only you will not get instant water.

Tankless water heaters are very compact and lightweight. They are easy to carry, and you can take them anywhere you want. Further, they provide instant water and you don’t need to wait. Just install the cylinder, ignite the flame and you are ready to use the hot water. So, tankless water heaters are easy to use.

Ignition System

The ignition system of most water heater is powered by batteries. You only need to turn on the turn on the heater and tap and the flame will ignite automatically. This ignition system is easy to use. You don’t need a match stick to ignite the heater. Moreover, the flame extinguishes automatically when you close the tap. This also saves fuel because it is burnt only at the time of use.

Temperature Adjustment

Portable heaters also have a temperature adjustment knob. You can adjust the temperature by turning the knob. The flame is adjusted accordingly, and you get the desired temperature of the water. There is a temperature range of different types of water heaters and you can adjust according to the requirement. Portable propane heaters can have a range of 80˚F-150˚F.

Placement of the water heater

You need to place some water heaters on a wall or elevated surface. They can be hanged on a wall. While some water heaters can be placed on the ground or at an elevated surface. Both water heaters are suitable. The water heater which hangs on a wall requires a wall to work properly. In camping, it is not necessary you will get a suitable place to hang the water heater. So, you need to make a wooden frame or trolley for that if you are going camping.  

Water Pressure

There is a water pressure adjustment knob in some water heaters. You can adjust the pressure of water according to your use. If you increase the water pressure, then the temperature of the water is decreased. Water pressure and temperature are inversely proportional. If the water pressure is low, then you will get water at a high temperature.

There is a water flow limit of every heater. There is a maximum flow and minimum flow. For example, the maximum and minimum flow of water is 1.5 gallons/minute at 38˚F and 0.5 gallons/minute at 102˚F respectively. It means the water heater can provide water in this range. The temperature changes as the flow of water changes.


You will need some accessories as well such as hose pipe and regulator for gas cylinders. Further, you also need a showerhead to take shower. The showerhead is also connected with a hose. You might need a water tank that will send the water to the heater. While some water heaters use pumps to push the cold water in the heater. Some of these things are included with the heater.

How Can You Stay Warm While Camping?

There are various methods to stay warm while camping. We are going to discuss some of them.

Sleeping Bags

You should get a warm and insulated sleeping bag. These bags are necessary whenever you go camping in the winter season. A sleeping bag allows you to stay warm and enjoy a comfortable sleep. There is no need to use a heater at night if you have the right sleeping bag. These bags are available according to the temperature, you can buy a bag according to the temperature of the place you are visiting. You can also double your sleeping bag if you have an extra one. You can add different layers of blankets and carpets under the bag which will also keep you warm.

Use Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle can keep you warm. Always take a hot water bottle with you whenever you go camping. Fill the bottle with hot water. Put the hot water bottle inside your sleeping bag. It will keep your body warm for the whole night. There is no need to use the heater as well.

Use a Portable Heater

There are different types of portable tent heaters available that use different types of fuels. We have already told you about the types of tent heaters. They have safety features and you can use them in the tent. They will keep everyone in the tent warm. These heaters are very useful in harsh weather. But avoid using heater while sleeping because it can cause a fire. Use the heater carefully with safety precautions.

Use Carpets

The ground of the camping place is usually cold. You can take warm carpets with you when you go camping. This can keep you away from the cold ground. It also provides insulation while you sleep in your sleeping bag. You can sit with comfort on the carpet.

Warm Clothes

Warm clothes are necessary for the winter season. At night the temperature falls, and you need warm clothes to keep yourself warm inside the tent. You can take warm sweaters, hats, gloves, socks, jackets, etc on camping. You can wear several layers as well. It is better to take a blanket with you because you might need it at night. Further, you can also place the warm blanket over your sleeping bag for extra warmth.


A campfire can also be helpful. You can use woods to ignite a fire. It will keep the tents near the fire warm and cosy. But be careful, the fire should be away from the tents; otherwise, it will catch fire.

Get an Appropriate Tent

The tent should be according to the winter. You can easily get a 4-season tent which will be good for winter camping. You can use these tents in a snowy season as well. These tents are specially made for camping and hiking. They will protect you from harsh weather conditions. They have thicker walls to insulate you from the cold winds. These tents also trap the heat of the heaters.


Camping heaters are necessary while going for camping. During winter camping you need to stay warm and comfortable to enjoy camping. Therefore, people take different types of space heaters for camping. The space heaters are of different types. There can be an electric heater, gas heater, wood heater, and propane heater. We have discussed all of them in detail. These heaters are different from each other and they have different pros and cons. Like you cannot use an electric heater in power outage, but they have many safety features and they are very lightweight and compact. You can use a wood heater in an emergency, you only need some woods, but these heaters emit harmful gases. Thus, you can select any of them which is suitable for you. Mostly, electric and propane heaters are used for camping.

Moreover, you need to take care of these heaters. You should know about safety tips and precaution. Otherwise, these heaters can cause a fire. We have mentioned the safety tips for each type of heater separately. Further, on camping, you also need hot water to take a shower and use it for various purposes. There are different types of water heaters for camping. We have told everything about the water heater. We have highlighted the importance of every feature. Thus, you can easily get the best camping heater to heat water. You need to take a space heater and water heater whenever you go camping in winter. This will increase the joy and comfort. We hope you will find this article helpful

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Heater camp Home Appliances Reviews

Ceramic Space Heater

Ceramic heaters are 100% efficient and they are very safe to use at homes and offices. The heating element of the heater is covered with a ceramic material to refrain fires. These heaters use electricity and heat the whole space of a room.

Space Heater

A space heater is an appliance that is used to keep an area warm. It converts some energy into heat to make the rooms, garages, offices and basements warm and comfortable. also high wattage space heater using for large room and bedroom, Check Space Heater For Bedroom. Therefore, people use it in winters. The heating space capacity of a space heater depends on the heat it produces.

Infrared Space Heater

An infrared space heater is a kind of space heater that emits heat energy in the form of electromagnetic radiations. This heater is excellent for personal heating because it heats the object in front of it. It is a quiet and energy-saving heater. You can use this heater in poorly insulated areas as well.

Oil-filled Space Heater

An oil-filled space heater is just like a radiator in which oil flows to transfer the heat to space. These heaters use electricity to heat the oil. They are very efficient and there is no need to change the oil.

Bathroom Heater

Bathroom heaters are specially designed to warm the bathroom area so you can enjoy bathing in winter. These heaters are mostly installed on ceiling and walls. They also have LED lights for lighting. They can bear the damp condition of bathrooms and heat the space efficiently.

Electric Baseboard Heater

Electric Baseboard heaters are non-portable heaters and they take very little space in the room. These heaters are good for zone heating that can save the cost of your central heating. They can easily be controlled using a thermostat. They can deal with the drafty windows and keep the room warm. Bleed Air from baseboard heating system.

Electric Fireplace Heater

Electric fireplace heaters are modern replacement to old fireplace heaters in which you burn woods. These electric heaters are very efficient, and they don’t cause any smoke in the room. Due to artificial lighting, they look like a real fireplace heater. They are portable and they don’t need chimneys.

Electric Wall Heater

Electric Wall Heaters are good if you have a small space because these heaters fit in the wall. They provide you warm air without the need for central heating. They fit in the wall and blend with the room décor. Most wall heaters have fans to spread the warm air in the whole room.

Kerosene Heater

Kerosene heaters are good for power outages because most of them don’t use electricity. They are safe for indoor use and good for traveling. Kerosene Heaters Are Very Cost-efficient. They are very easy to use with push-button ignition and temperature adjustment knob. Now, all these heaters come with tip-over protection to avoid fires.

Electric Garage Heater

Electric garage heaters are specially designed for poorly insulated garages. These are very powerful and consume a lot of electricity. Mostly they are mounted on walls and ceiling to keep the area warm. Lots Of  electric garage heater available in the market, most of the garage heater operate 240 volt. check best garage heater 240V  Usually, they have a fan to spread the warm air to the whole area. 

Outdoor Patio Heater

Outdoor patio heaters keep your outdoor space warm in the winter. Therefore, you can sit in the patio and enjoy the warmth of the heater. Some of these heaters are also appealing and eye-catching. There are different types of patio heaters that use different fuels such as gas and electricity.

Portable Bathroom Heater

Portable bathroom heaters allow you to enjoy your bath time in winter. These keep the bathroom warm and you don’t need to turn on your central heating. These consume less electricity and you can use them anywhere you want. They are small and take very little space.

Sauna Heater

sauna heater is the backbone of a sauna. It maintains the required temperature and makes you comfortable. You need to add sauna stones in it that hold the heat. These heaters are available in electric and gas fuel. It will make you feel good and sweaty.

Heated Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Heater is just like an electric blanket that keeps you warm in harsh cold weather. These are portable, you can place them on any seat you want. It has a thermostat that controls the temperature. They are very comfortable and cozy.

Space Heater for Nursery

There are special space heaters for a nursery. They are safe to use for young children. They keep them warm comfortable. There are protection features to avoid any fire accident. Their surface is cool to touch. They are very silent and efficient.

Tent Heater for Camping

Tent heaters are necessary to keep you warm and cozy whenever you go camping. These heaters have special safety features to avoid any fire accidents. They are lightweight and portable. They should work on fuels that such as kerosene and propane to work in power outages.

Oscillating Tower Heater

Oscillating tower heaters are preferred for rooms and office. They spread warm air in the room by oscillation. They have safety features and digital control functions. You can also control them with a remote. They usually have a ceramic heating element which is very efficient.

Essential Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are very common. They supply hot water for household use. You can get an electric water heater with a tank or tankless. They do not emit any gases; therefore, they do not require any ventilation system. They take less space as compared to gas water heaters. reset your hot water heater step step by step guide lines.

Water Heater

Water heater is an essential appliance that supplies hot water when required. These heaters are used in almost every home. They deliver hot water according to their capacity. There are different kinds of water heaters available in the market with different fuel type and features.

Aquarium Heater

Aquarium heaters are perfect to warm your fish tank. These heaters take very little space in the aquarium and provide enough heat to the water. They use electricity to heat the water. They are just like a small rod, but they keep the temperature consistent.

Hot Water Dispenser

hot water dispenser can provide you quick hot water for washing, cooking, and cleaning. They use electricity to increase the temperature of the water. You can also control the temperature with control buttons. They are very compact and can be installed under your sink.

Pool Heater

Pool heaters keep the water of the pool warm so you can enjoy swimming. These heaters can raise the temperature of the whole pool according to their capacity. The water in the pool is circulated through the heater to raise the temperature. There is gas, electric and solar pool heaters available in the market.

Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heaters heat the water of the pool by using solar energy. It has a very low running cost because it uses sun’s energy. They have a large solar plate in which the water circulates. They are costly and take a lot of space.

Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters are very common household appliances. They can provide hot water in power outages as well. Usually, they have a large tank to deliver the warm water. Modern gas water heaters have easy ignition and temperature control. They need an exhaust system to emit gases.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are also called as instant water heaters because you don’t need to wait for the water to get warm. They are very easy to use and compact. You can also control the temperature precisely. check RV tankless water heater for your RV. They are usually available in gas and electric fuel. you can install tankless water heater under the sink, check under sink water heater 

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are very easy to shift from one room to another. There is no need to fix them in a room. Most air conditioners have fan and dehumidifier function as well. They have remote and panel controls to set the timer, temperature, and other setting.

Heater Camp-Essential Kitchen & Cooking Appliances

Rice Cooker A Rice cooker is a convenient appliance to cook rice. You only need to add the ingredients in the pan and your rice will be ready automatically. Most rice cookers have a warmer function that keeps the food warm. You can also cook other food items in a rice cooker such as soup and porridge.

Japanese Rice Cooker

Japanese rice cookers have a unique style as compared to other rice cookers. They have a handle to carry the cooker easily. These cookers have multiple functions to cook different food items. You can also set a timer to cook the food automatically. They are very durable and have a long life.

Gas grills

Gas grills make the grilling of food easier and safe. They have few burners to control the flame and temperature. Most of them use propane to cook the food. They do not create any mess like charcoal grills. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills give the real taste to food when you grill it. You just need to put charcoal in the pan and ignite it. The ash removal is also very convenient. They have a temperature gauge and air dampers to monitor and control the temperature.

Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are good to smoke the food perfectly because they capture the heat and smoke in the chamber. The meat stays juicy because they have a water tray inside it. You can smoke the food easily without messing up with charcoal and other things.

Offset Smoker

Offset smokers are the best to grill food and get smoky texture at the same time. These have a large cooking space to grill and smoke the food simultaneously. Most of them have temperature and air dampers to control the temperature inside it

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